Billions of people effect with WhatsApp new updates

    WhatsApp is one of the best app which is well known around the world. As per Meta’s recent data, Whatsapp has over 2 billion monthly active users. WhatsApp is famous because of its convenient features like a messenger, voice chat, video chat & sharing pictures, audio and videos. These features taking people together to talk smoothly and sharing content to each other.

    According to Daily Record WhatsApp doing major changes in new update for WhatsApp users. The changes is about images and blocking users. 

    As we know Whatsapp is owned by meta, who working on potential changes on beta version and testing before distribute to WhatsApp users. 

    WhatsApp new updates

    The first changes in new version user can send photo or video by adding caption which is not in current version. This thing is currently tested on beta is detected text in WhatsApp images so that you can copy and paste it. Its very handy for document on forum saving your time to type again. 

    The second major changes is you can easily shuffle your messages history between Android mobiles without interfering of Google drive. 

    The third changes is you can block someone with more fastest way because WhatsApp developing it on block shortcut in chat list. 

    WhatsApp new updates

    The next changes is a new camera mode which allows you to record video more easiest way. 

    There is many process in between the final update but we don’t know exactly when this update is available for WhatsApp users. If you wanna test and part of these updates you can download the beta version of WhatsApp which is available on Google Play store.

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