How to Fix PS3 System Storage is Corrupted

    After some bad updates or other reason Play Station 3 shows this message “the file system on the system storage is corrupted and will be restored”. We guide you how to fix PS3 System Storage is Corrupted safely. Mostly people suggest to says that update with custom firmware but its risky and it will be the cause of damage your PS3. The Safe and Easy way to bring back PS3 in life follow these steps:

    1. Completely shutdown PS3 first When you see red light on power button press and hold power button until you hear double beep then release the button.
    2. Now you can see Safe Mode Menu, these are different restore options but, in my case, i’ll choose 5 number menu which is “Restore PS3 System”.
    3. Now you can see the confirmation message because all the data or games installed are removed and PS3 become like brand new.
    4. Hit Ok
    5. After few seconds you’ll see general information settings which you can choose for software update.
    6. After completing setup PS3 boot back to normal system, congratulations

    The only loss here is your games and data but PS3 now normally like new. I also make video tutorial to understand exactly how this resetting process will work

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