How to Login Windows without Password?

    Forgotten Password? How to Log into Windows without Password (No Software or Bootable Media required) The following article is a guide on how to log into Windows without password. This method does not require any software or bootable media.


    This article is only for education purpose.

    If doesn’t remember what password you apply for your PC or Laptop and you wanna login without password or wanna reset password. This method will work on Windows 7 / 10 / 11. You just need to do following steps:

    Step 1: Power on your PC or Laptop and force shutdown 2 to 3 times. After that you’ll windows will turned on Automatic repair mode.

    Step 2: Once Automatic Repair Page open click on Advanced Options,

    Step 3: In this page click on Troubleshoot.

    Step 4: In this page click on Advanced Options.

    Step 5: In Advanced Options click on Command Prompt.

    Step 6: In Command Prompt use these following commands.


    (C drive is commonly used as windows drive if you install windows on other directories then select them)


    (this command is use for confirmation which data included in this drive)

    C:>cd windows
    C:\windows\cd system32
    C:\windows\system32>ren utilman.exe utilman.old
    C:\windows\system32>copy cmd.exe utilman.exe

    Step 7: After these commands close CMD and click on Continue button

    Step 8: Windows boot up and again on login page, here click on Ease to Access button to open CMD again

    Step 9: After CMD open use following commands:

    c:>net user
    c:>net user administrator *
    (use your login user name administrator is mine user name and hit enter)
    After that hit enter 2 times

    We successfully reset login password, just hint enter or click arrow to login

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