How to make bootable USB drive using CMD

    How To make Bootable USB drive Without Any Software In Windows 10 or 7 Using Command Prompt (CMD). This is very useful tutorial for now a days because its a need, CD’s and DVDs future is almost ended. We all need to know how we can refresh or update our PC or laptop at home. Now a days no one have time to visit technicians shop spend time and money for our laptop or PC’s that’s why its become need.

    In this article Digital Information Plus will guide you few basic and simple steps that will help you how you can make bootable usb at home just read this article carefully. If you lack of focus we are not responsible for your personal data because if you select wrong drive, you’ll loose all data which is save in that specific drive also we recommend to bring minimum 8GB USB for this process and make sure that USB is blank and no data in it otherwise you’ll loose data.

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    Windows 11 download link (TPM 2.0 & SECURE BOOT BYPASSED)

    Insert a USB flash drive into a running computer

    Open a Command Prompt window as an administrator

    How To make Bootable USB

    Use following commands in CMD for bootable usb:

    Type: diskpart

    Type: list disk

    Type: select disk 1

    Type: clean, and the click ENTER

    Type: create partition primary, and then click ENTER

    Type: select partition 1, and then click ENTER

    Type: format fs=ntfs quick, and then click ENTER

    Type: active, and then click ENTER

    Type: exit and then click ENTER

    How To make Bootable USB
    How To make Bootable USB

    then copy windows file to usb

    After that copy windows folder location

    How To make Bootable USB

    Open CMD as Administrator

    type cd and past location using right click and hit enter

    type cd boot and hit enter

    type bootsect.exe /nt60 f: (f is my usb letter you can choose your)

    How To make Bootable USB

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