How to repair Samsung galaxy s7 slow charging problem

    If you’re sure about you have hardware issue of slow charging because there is many thing make your phone slow charging, which is fake or non fast charging adapter or non fast charging support data cable is also a cause of slow charging. Do you think none of them then your are on right place this tutorial is for you, we’ll teach you 100% solution of how to fix slow charging & USB not recognized device can fast charge again. For that in our Youtube channel we already uploaded a video with title How to repair Samsung galaxy s7 edge slow charging & USB not recognized 100 % working (Issue Solved) – DIY Bros, you can also find this video in the end of this page.


    Are you professional to do it yourself if not know how to repair mobiles or new in repairing field don’t try this alone its more risky to damage other part of mobile. You must have mobile Repairing ability to perform this task otherwise you are responsible for your loss. you need to be professional and proper tools to perform this task – DIY Bros

    Step 1: Use heat gun to remove back cover glue. Don’t use much head it’ll cause of damage color.

    Step 2: Remove back cover carefully and disassemble other parts.

    Step 3: First check charging jack.

    Step 4: Check connection strip from charging to Motherboard and remember pin numbers.

    Step 5: Remember pins number and check further where connection lost.

    Step 6: In my case data negative diode show short. if data negative or positive diode is short you have to change it or if you can’t find then don’t worry just remove it. Your Phone will running fine but its better to find that diode and replace it.

    Step 7: remove it carefully without damaging other circuit. like I said before it better to find and replace it but if you can’t find then simple remove it and enjoy.

    Step 8: Assemble it again carefully

    And we successfully get fast charging with just removing short diode.

    Tutorial Video format given below:

    this video is for how to repair Samsung Galaxy S7 slow charging issues or problems. Hope you guys enjoy it and find your desired solution.

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