How to share someone’s twitter video without retweeting on PC

    How to tweet video without retweeting like your video without copyright issue. While checking your Twitter account timeline, you have likely seen two unique approaches to sharing a tweet that contains a video. Nonetheless, these choices typically brief you to share the video through retweeting. Is there a way you can share Twitter recordings without retweeting? Peruse beneath to find out!

    Instructions to Share a Video on Twitter Without Retweeting

    As you will see beneath, Twitter doesn’t make it simple to share a video without retweeting. Twitter doesn’t have a download button in that frame of mind to safeguard the substance and its content creaters, so you can do it by citing the tweet. Yet, we will make sense of one more choice next.

    Before we get to the cycle, for what reason is it vital to share the video implanted in your tweet?

    • You make content for your Twitter record, and all the tweet connections created will be remembered for your details.
    • You keep on regarding the initiation of the video and the tweet since the creator’s name will show up at the lower part of the mixed media content.
    • You can add the text you need to the tweet and adjust it to the distribution style you generally manage without adhering to the first tweet.

    We should perceive how you can share a video on Twitter without retweeting.

    Step 1:

    Choose any post who contain video and click on 3 dots button

    Step 2:

    In this menu choose “Embed Tweet” it will open new site that is

    Step 3:

    In this site scroll down and click on “copy code”

    Step 4:

    Go to your Profile and click on new tweet

    Step 5:

    Paste that code here and delete everything instead of this example “”

    Step 6:

    Write whatever you want on top and simply post and final result given below

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