How to take screenshot on laptop

    How to take screenshot on laptop or PCs (Windows or MacOs). There are several ways to take capture screen or screenshot in windows like windows 7,10,11 or MacOs. Its a basic need of today’s life. We all must have to know these shortcuts because its a basic need of current scenario while we work from home after covid-19. We all need screenshots for sharing our working condition additionally is also useful for our freelance working.

    First we discuss how many ways to take screenshot in Windows PCs,

    Screenshot Shortkeys:

    Press Windows + Shift+S together and 4 option displayed on top mid screen and other display goes dim.

    • First one is take screenshot of selected area.
    • Second is to draw shape of screenshot.
    • Third is for separate applications screenshots.
    • Forth is for capture whole screenshot.

    There is options in capturing portion or full screen and other options. You can choose any option after selecting portion it will automatically copied on clipboard and you can paste anywhere where you want.

    Snipping Tools:

    It’s a windows default application allows user to capture screen or take screenshot. You can choose multiple options here that is you can click on new and capture how much area you want or take full screenshot.

    How to take screenshot

    Print Screen:

    We commonly use existing button on our keyboard that is “print screen”. Its work like to copy and paste item you can simple click on Print Screen button and paste it on anywhere where you want like Paint, MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop etc. After that you can easily save it on any format what you want.

    MacOS Screenshot Shortkeys:

    1. Command+Shift+3 (to capture full screen)
    2. Command+Shift+4 (to capture portion from screen)

    These are some ways to capture your screen in Windows PCs or MacOs. Hope this article is useful for you. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website.

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