WhatsApp Considers File Sharing Feature Inspired by Android’s Quick Share

    WhatsApp file sharing feature is come from Recent updates from Google and Samsung bring Android’s default file sharing system, Nearby Share (now known as Quick Share) has been improved. This improved feature aims to enable seamless file sharing between Android smartphones and computers running Chrome OS and Windows. At the same time, WhatsApp is in an experimental phase, testing new features to share files with nearby contacts. This update is currently found in WABetaInfo which is a beta of WhatsApp in Android. This feature use bluetooth to transfer file.

    WhatsApp Quick Share

    How Whatsapp File Sharing Feature works:

    This file sharing feature allow users to share up to 2GB file size. This represents a faster and more convenient option compared to traditional methods of sending files via chat or using cloud storage. You must stay there until the transfer is complete to do your work. Importantly, this method also uses end-to-end encryption, ensuring that the file sharing process is just as secure as WhatsApp’s standard method. Interestingly, users initiate the sharing process by physically shaking their phone. For data protection reasons, file transfers ensure a high level of security through end-to-end encryption. During the transfer, the phone number remains hidden, so it is not visible to anyone who is not in the user’s contact list.

    While this new feature is useful for regular WhatsApp users, some may find it unnecessary considering the recent Quick Share updates from Google and Samsung. However, if WhatsApp is able to implement this feature on both iOS and Android, it could add some innovative features. A lack of cross-platform functionality may encourage users on other platforms to try more developed options. In other developments for WhatsApp, the company has introduced four new features for its Channels users. These updates include the ability to create polls, send voice messages, have multiple admins on a channel, and allow followers to share channel updates through WhatsApp statuses.

    As technology companies continue to improve the user experience, these innovations in file sharing and channel capabilities demonstrate the industry’s commitment to providing more seamless and versatile communication tools. It remains to be seen whether these advances will change the digital communications landscape or act as incremental improvements, but they will undoubtedly contribute to the further development of messaging platforms.

    Recent Features:

    The last feature announced by WhatsApp was Channel users. In this channel feature WhatsApp allow users to create polls, send voice messages and create multiple admins on a channel. The followers of channel can share channel updates through their WhatsApp Status.

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